Parking data unified, with EasyPark SmartHUB

Over the last decade, parking apps have become increasingly popular. While digitalization brings numerous opportunities, it can also create problems when partners aren't connected to the same system. But thankfully, EasyPark SmartHUB is here to solve that.

Connect and collect

In the world of digital transformation, doors open wide, but gaps appear if parking partners aren't in sync. This results in extended enforcement times, inefficiencies, and decisions based on a limited perspective of the overall ecosystem. Drivers using mobile paid parking solutions contribute crucial data for enhancing parking policies, balancing demand, and increasing inventory value. However, the security, organization, harmonization and accessibility of this data are paramount, and this is precisely where EasyPark SmartHUB helps you take the reins.

Connect & Collect

Bring it all together

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Electric vehicle charging

We enable drivers to manage both their parking and charging with the EasyPark app. To help them recharge with a single app. 

Parking dashboard

The Parking Dashboard

This is where the data becomes actionable. View and manage your inventory, and get a full view of the whole parking ecosystem.


EasyPark Insights

The ultimate suite for your city. Get precise data, analytics and advisory services to give you actionable insights. Gain confidence when making changes or implementing parking regulations.