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Remove friction for drivers with the EasyPark app

When you’re parking, you’re likely on your way to an event, or hunting for the perfect pair of shoes or on a visit to one of your clients. Spending time finding a Pay & Display machine, queuing and paying with cash only to go back to your car to leave a piece of paper is slow. Parking and managing your parking session with the EasyPark app is fast.

A loved solution

EasyPark has more than 22 years of experience in the parking industry, and our mobile  parking app is now the most available solution in Europe. And did we mention that the app has a top rating in both Apple and Google stores? Well, it has. Because it gives drivers freedom, convenience and confidence. 

a love solution

Reliable and available

easypark app

Ways to park

The app is our most popular method of parking. You can also start your parking by sending an SMS with your expected time and license plate. Other drivers might prefer to start and stop parking directly from their car console or by calling our interactive voice response (IVR) number. 


  • iOS / Android EasyPark app

  • In-car parking

  • SMS parking 

  • IVR parking

Explore more

Parking dashboard

The Parking Dashboard

This is where the data becomes actionable. View and manage your inventory, and get a full view of the whole parking ecosystem.

Smart Hub

EasyPark SmartHUB

Where it all begins. The base for digitizing parking inventory, enabling a scalable set-up and, additionally, a more efficient enforcement process.  


The EasyPark App 

The popular application for drivers to manage parking. It maximizes revenue for you as it removes the costs of handling cash and maintaining P&D machines.