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From hassle to high-tech with digital permits

Let's agree on this: paper is nicer in books. With EasyPark's digital permit solution, cities and parking operators can save time and money by removing the hassle and lack of insights of manual administration, while freeing drivers from filling paper forms and requiring paper-based permits.

Permit ease unleashed

Introducing EasyPark Permits, your digital solution to handle and manage parking permit applications, making the issue and renewal as easy as it can be. Drivers can request, extend or manage their permits, and long-term parking transactions from the desktop or directly in the EasyPark app, regardless of the permit type. This solution ends the need for manual, paper-heavy processes and visits to your physical office and instead welcomes a smart, hassle-free permit management future. 


Seamless use, maximum efficiency

Parking Data

For the admin

Our administrative web interface empowers city or parking operator employees with an efficient, simple and intuitive tool which is tailored to support daily administration processes. Streamlined for daily tasks, such as managing permit applications, users, prices, and more.


No credit risk and no extra fees: EasyPark bears all transaction costs for any payment method available.


Short processing lead times: Efficient, hassle-free permit administration.


Fast implementation: Manage changes of price and rules in a matter of seconds.


Effective and efficient enforcement: Moving from windshield checks to license plate scans.

Parking operators

For the driver

The end-user web interface is a simple and intuitive tool that takes drivers through the process of applying for and managing permit applications. Thanks to the mobile-friendly design, drivers can access this tool from any device and use their permits within minutes.


No visits to local offices needed: Apply, change vehicles, renew or terminate permits online.


Straightforward overview: Easy access to the user account, existing permits and permit history.


Fast approval: Comfortable process and significantly quicker permit approval.


No physical permit required: Active permits are linked digitally to the license plates.

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