Parking insights

EasyPark Insights: Your partner in crafting seamless parking mobility

Changing your parking policies can be a daunting task without having appropriate parking data at hand. EasyPark Insights gives you precise data, expertise and visualization tools to make your city more livable, without losing your hair in the process. 

Reshapes city parking planning

Elevate your planning through data-driven solutions

Your city is a complex ecosystem where parking affects mobility and living. Parking management that is not based on a real view of demand and supply, lack of overall overview, congestion created by insufficient planning tools and long parking searches are more common than you’d think. The result is inefficiency, polluting emissions and unnecessary costs and frustrations. But this ends here. With EasyPark Insights, you get access to a suite of tools that give you data-based insights into your city's parking situation. In other words, you get all the parking data you need to create efficiency in planning, clarity in costs and harmony in your city’s mobility.

What is included

What is included

Consisting of five essential components, it has everything you need to understand and optimize your parking ecosystem. 

Parking inventory

Parking inventory

Determine the type and number of parking spaces in each tariff zone. Inspect various street segments and find out what restrictions apply.

Parking occupancy

Parking occupancy

Discover the streets and areas most sought after, parking search time, and the probability of finding an available space at any given time.

operational data

Operational data

Track your zoning, pricing, enforcement, revenue, and other operational data in light of your inventory and occupancy.



We assist cities in discerning parking data in creating short, mid, and long-term actions to optimise the parking ecosystem.



Improve enforcement processes and standardise all transactions data from all digital P&Ds and MPP providers.


The ultimate city suite

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The EasyPark App 

The popular application for drivers to manage parking. It maximizes revenue for you as it removes the costs of handling cash and maintaining P&D machines. 

Smart Hub

EasyPark SmartHUB

Where it all begins. The base for digitizing parking inventory, enabling a scalable set-up and, additionally, a more efficient enforcement process.  


Electrical vehicle charging

We enable drivers to manage both their parking and charging with the EasyPark app. To help them recharge with a single app.