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Elevate your visitor’s parking experience with Automatic CameraPark

Desiring a seamless visitor flow in your parking garage? You're not alone. You might have initiated camera entry and exit as a step on the way, but here's the next level.

Parking challenges, meet your match

How Automatic CameraPark service transforms your garage

Ever tangled with cars queuing at the entrance, complexities in handling cash and low occupancy rates? These are some of the most common problems we have identified from working with more than 600 parking operators across Europe. Now, allow us to introduce our Automatic CameraPark service. If you're among the many who have already integrated ANPR cameras, this service offers EasyPark users a seamlessly automated garage parking experience. With your cameras capturing license plates, EasyPark users can initiate and end parking automatically through our service, and make parking hassles a thing of the past. By offering a superior experience in your garage, drivers looking for convenience will stop cruising the streets, minimizing congestion and bringing you better occupancy.

no magic


No magic, just smart tech 

And this is how it works

To make this service available, you need to equip your garage with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras. These cameras are stationed at the gateways. As drivers come in, they discreetly capture their vehicle's details, relaying a signal to our system. This signal becomes the cue, initiating or concluding their parking session. To summarize it: drivers don’t have to think about either starting or ending their parking session – it is fully automated. And yes, it only works when they choose to activate this service. We don’t force flexibility on anyone.


Effortless parking

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