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Open market: it’s a win-win for everyone

Cities and operators which allow multiple mobile payment providers to compete get the best of both worlds. Service resilience, lower costs and the latest technology for the drivers, who are now given the choice. 

How the open market works

The change from a tender model to an open market is supported by a so-called parking hub. The parking hub allows phone parking providers to access all available parking inventory. Drivers then choose their preferred option, increasing digital uptake and giving you a complete view of your inventory.

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EasyPark Insights

The ultimate suite for your city. Get precise data, analytics and advisory services to give you actionable insights. Gain confidence when making changes or implementing parking regulations.   


Electric vehicle charging

We enable drivers to manage both their parking and charging with the EasyPark app. To help them recharge with a single app. 

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Garage parking & CameraPark

Take traffic off the streets and enable automatic start and stop of the parking sessions. It is smart, fast and cost-efficient for you.