Parking dashboard

Precise parking data with the Parking Dashboard

EasyPark's Parking Dashboard gives you a complete overview of your parking data. Data which takes away the guesswork from any policy changes and enables more precise, data-based decisions. This is our powerful tool to optimize the parking landscape of your city, and it’s all in your hands.

Total control at your fingertips

When your operations become more digital, data is created from every interaction a driver has with any of the systems that operate as part of your ecosystem. Collecting data from different sources, such as mobile paid parking, digital P&Ds, digital permits, digital enforcement and automated in-car payments in a single place is the foundation of a holistic, trustworthy view of the actual effect of your current operations. From there, you can gather the insights you need to take the next step in optimizing your city's parking situation.

Total control

Knowledge is power

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Electrical vehicle charging

We enable drivers to manage both their parking and charging with the EasyPark app. To help them recharge with a single app.


Digital permits

Makes the issuing, renewal and enforcement of permits faster and easier for both you and the drivers. It also extends digitalization, giving you more data and fewer costs.

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Garage parking & CameraPark

Take traffic off the streets and enable automatic start and stop of the parking sessions. It is smart, fast and cost-efficient for you.